MISSION STATEMENT: We believe that the GOP, at all levels, should exist to support the inalienable rights put forth by the founders in the Declaration of Independence. Therefore, we support legislation and governance that is pro-life, pro-liberty and pro-pursuit of happiness. We believe that a more originalist view of the rights and responsibilities contained in the US Constitution has best helped guard these inalienable rights.

EDUCATION: We believe the primary authority and responsibility for educating children resides with the parents, not the federal government, its agencies or programs. Therefore, we demand local control in education, school choice for parents, including but not limited to: Public, Private, Charter and Home Education. We support basic education as well as the teaching of the theories of both evolution and intelligent design.

CRIME: We oppose the illicit use of drugs. We support penalties for anyone convicted of distribution of drugs to minors. We support truth in sentencing and the death penalty. We support strict constitutional interpretation by the courts. We support State sovereignty on these issues.

CITIZENS RIGHTS: We support the first amendment and understand it to include all individuals, as well as groups. We proclaim the sanctity of human life and support its protection from conception to natural death. We affirm the right to religious expression in public and private settings. We seek a judicial system that is supportive of the negative (natural) rights contained in the US Constitution, and we are opposed to favoritism inherent in the legislating of positive (bestowed by government) rights.

RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS: We support the re-affirmation of the Second Amendment as an individual’s right (as upheld by Heller and McDonald decisions). We support the passage of “Castle Doctrine” legislation for Washington State and support passage of HR822 and/or similar legislation codifying the “right” to “concealed carry reciprocity” per Article 4, Sec. 1, U.S. Constitution known as the full faith and credit clause.

STATE’S RIGHTS: We support the Constitution of the United States. The 10th amendment as written should be adhered to. We demand the President, members of Congress, and administrative branch appointees act in accordance with the Constitution and within the scope of their Oath of Office.

ENVIRONMENT: We believe that a balance can and must be reached between earning a livelihood and the need to protect the environment. We call for responsible policies that respect balance between property rights, stable jobs and sound environmental practices. We support prohibiting foreign influence over environmental policies and promoting more local control. We urge following the Healthy Forest Initiative to actively manage the forest resources.

ECONOMY AND NATURAL RESOURCE: We encourage and promote multiple uses of forest and natural resources to stabilize and build our rural community economy providing needed jobs and opportunities. Rural communities are suffering economic hardship and a lack of employment opportunities, while a wealth of resources and opportunities are present and should be available for small business development, as originally intended by the Organic Administration Act of 1897 and later by Gifford Pinchot, first chief of the US Forest Service. 

We support a complete audit of the United States Federal Reserve system.

HEALTH CARE: Health care is a personal issue and individuals can make a better decision about their own care than government. We oppose mandates for immunizations. We support reform that provides choice and availability in cost effective ways. We support tax exempt medical savings accounts and reform to prevent frivolous lawsuits, which raise health care costs. We oppose any legislation, mandate or law that forces 
citizens to purchase healthcare insurance or penalize them for not acquiring health insurance.

TRANSPORTATION: We support existing special use taxes being used for what they were intended, especially in the area of transportation. We urge transportation agency performance reviews and sales tax exemptions for road construction and maintenance.

NATIONAL SECURITY: We strongly support the strict adherence to the constitutional guidelines for declaring war, securing our borders and strengthening our Military. We reject any international control of U.S. Forces and the trying of U.S. troops for war crimes by foreign entities. We support enforcing the current immigration laws and ending birthright citizenship for those born to non-U.S. citizens. We believe that our national borders should be secured against entry by undocumented aliens. We oppose the current nuclear deal (JCPOA) with Iran. We define radical Islamic terrorism as an enemy of the State.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AS DEFINED BY UN AGENDA 21: We recognize the destructive and insidious nature of UN Agenda 21, reject it and expose to the public and public policy members the dangerous intent of the plan, resolving that no local government or citizens are legally bound by United Nations Agenda 21 or any international entity.

SOCIAL SECURITY: We support private accounts under Social Security.

PRIVATE PROPERTY: Private Property rights are fundamental to our personal freedoms. The constitution establishes government to secure those rights. We call for fair market value compensation to private landowners for any form of taking of private lands. We oppose any taking of any private land to being converted to any non-government (third party) ownership. Counties should have their taxable land base preserved by receiving a parcel of equal value for all acreage purchased by a public, federal or state agency. In lieu of the property replacement, counties should be guaranteed under a Congressional Act, a permanent subsidy to be adjusted periodically for increased valuations and inflation.

PUBLIC LANDS OWNERSHIP: Due to lack of appropriate management, which has severely affected the ability of local communities to sustain an economy that allows them to provide basic education and government services, we believe that federal ownership of public lands should be transferred to state and local control. Further, the federal government should be prohibited from acquiring any additional lands.

GORGE SCENIC ACT: We oppose the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act for its far reaching effects on private property ownership and management; however, we support the need for local involvement in the Gorge commission which gives our county the only voice we have in the management of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act.

MARRIAGE: We define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

TAXES: We support abolishing the IRS. We support replacing the federal income tax with a flat, fair, or sales tax. We oppose the death tax. We support the continuation of federal tax cuts. We seek for all special, county, state or taxing district taxes to be used only for the purposes for which they were passed. We seek all new State taxes levied be approved by 2/3 vote of the state legislature and all new local taxes be approved by 2/3 vote of the people.